X-Culture:Going for the Win

Guest Blogger: Nicolas Clerc, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The project is going very well. We have been communicating with each other mainly through Facebook and Whatsapp. Everyone has contributed a bit of what they want to accomplish, and at the end our goal is to win the competition. We have had some issues regarding what we were going to do because at first we wanted to do something completely different than what we are doing now. Home Depot is our target and we are helping them do a better job with their online display. As a team we have distributed the project into seven equal parts and no one has had any issues with any of their parts. I believe that the biggest issue for us is the time difference and trying to get everyone together at a certain time. Facebook has helped a lot in that we are able to better communicate through wall posts, messages, and group discussion boards. When one of the members posts something, we are all able to view it and have a general discussion to figure out our next move. We are very excited to turn in our draft and see what recommendations we get back from the professors.

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