6 Unique Things Florida Tech is Thankful For

For many, fall is the season for changing leaves, cold weather and scarves. For Florida Tech, it means warm temperatures (with a few cooler days in there), palm trees and more trips to the beach. But one thing we all celebrate is the act of giving thanks, especially around the time of Thanksgiving and into the winter holidays. While we are always thankful for our fantastically interesting and ambitious students, faculty and staff, we thought we’d give thanks to some of the lesser celebrated features of the university. Here we go:

1. Foosaner Art Museum and/or Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts
The words “art museum” are not normally used when talking about a technological university. But Florida Tech is not a normal place. We have some of the best museums in the area. And one trip to these museums is never enough—new and exciting exhibits are constantly setting up shop throughout the year.

2. The perfect parking space
As a university, we realize that parking can be a challenge, especially around noontime hours. You may have to circle several times to get a space before class. But one of the best feelings in the world is pulling into a parking lot and seeing a driver leaving their space at the same time. When that elusive moment happens, you become so elated you do a happy dance in your car. Bonus points if you happen to secure a shaded spot.

3. Buffalo Chicken Wrap Thursday at The SUB
On any given day on campus, you can get yourself a delicious buffalo chicken wrap. But there’s something extra special about Buffalo Chicken Wrap Thursdays at our beloved SUB Café and Deli. We don’t exactly know the reason why, but we can speculate. Do the wraps somehow taste better then? Do we crave this food at The SUB on days we can’t have them (a la Chick-fil-a on Sundays)? Either way, when the week strikes Thursday, we are first in line to eat these tasty treats in the heart of campus. Extra cheese, please.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

4. Football season
Not only is football season just plain fun, but it’s a great opportunity to see the local community rallying together to support Florida Tech. It makes us feel extra proud to be your hometown university.


5. Sales at the campus bookstore
Everyone loves a good sale. That’s why days like Black Friday are so popular. But to have the opportunity to buy a Panther Pride T-shirt for the fraction of a cost? … (That’s the sound of us running to the bookstore)


6. Campus Performances
At any given time during the year, we have some amazing performances of students, faculty and staff, as well as local and national recording artists. Catch a student DJ on a Friday night at the Panthereum. Stake out your front row seat during Homecoming Fest. Listen to a local musician perform on a WFIT program. There’s always something awesome going on.

SOJA at the 2014 Homecoming Fest


This is just a small sampling of what we’re thankful for this holiday season. Next year we’ll highlight even more great campus places and activities.

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