A note from your Student Services Coordinator

Hi! I hope we’ve crossed paths as part of your Florida Tech experience, but if we haven’t I’d like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Kate Broderick, and I am the Student Services Coordinator for the School of Arts and Communication. I graduated with a BA in Humanities from Florida Tech in 2010, spent a year at Trinity College Dublin working on my first Master’s in Medieval Language, Literature, and Culture, and returned to my beloved Florida Tech in 2011 for my second Master’s in Global Strategic Communication.

You are probably, at this very moment, thinking: why should I care?

I’ll tell you why! I am your personal advocate. That’s right! I am employed by Florida Tech to help you pursue your right to a happy college experience and quest for personal fulfillment. Let me just say…we have a very exciting semester planned for this fall!

Of course, I couldn’t do this all by myself. This past spring, Dr. Taylor, Margaret Moore, and I assembled the best and brightest student representatives of our program for the Student Ambassador program. We’ve had all summer to be hard at work planning events for the fall for some very exciting opportunities this fall! Now, I don’t want to over promise anything–it’s not exactly at the level of the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts–but it’s pretty darn close! Keep posted on our Facebook page and blog for the latest announcements of upcoming events! In the meanwhile, I’d like to more thoroughly introduce you to your student ambassadors: Cathy Abidin, Anushka Boyd, Drew Lacy, and Paula Williams.

Check back throughout the week for an in-depth profile on your student ambassadors!



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