Academic Assistance for the Summer Student

When the Spring semester ends and final exams are finished, many students don’t return to their studies until August. But for some students, the Summer semester is an opportunity to catch up on coursework or get ahead for their degree plan. While the campus is a little quieter in the summer, there are still plenty of resources available for students who are taking summer courses.

At the Academic Support Center, students who are taking Chemistry and Physics courses can take advantage of our drop-in hours from 11AM to 1PM, Monday through Thursday. No appointment necessary, just come in to get some assistance after the lecture or before an exam. Writing assistance is also available in the summer, on both an appointment and drop-in basis. Stop by the office, take advantage of the great air conditioning, and see how our staff can assist you.

The Math Advancement Center has assistance for students throughout the summer semester for all levels of mathematics. Students taking Calculus 1 and 2 can check out their walk-in schedule on their website to find the best time to get help with a difficult concept or review for a test.

The Evans Library maintains a summer schedule and can be a great place to study during the hottest time of the year. With fewer people on campus, the library is very quiet and there’s lots of space to find a desk or table where you and your friends can work together on a project.

When you need a coffee break, the SUB Cafe is open during the summer afternoons until 3PM. Schedule a lunch meeting with your study group and review your lecture notes, or get a coffee to go with your afternoon’s homework.

Most offices on campus are open during the summer, even though some of the faculty may be gone for research, conferences, or other academic obligations. If you’re not sure, send an email to check before dropping by. With a little bit of planning, you can take advantage of the freedom of the summer semester and finish with great grades in time for the Fall term.

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