The Adventures of Florida Tech

Spring 2017 marks the official start of my last semester as an undergraduate here at Florida Tech.  I wanted to take a moment to say thank to all the clubs, organizations, and people that made my time here so incredible and give credit to some of the amazing programs Florida Tech has available to its students, and the things our students do that truly set us apart.

Above we see some of our incredible panthers volunteering their time collecting money for the Week for Water campaign hosted during Spring of 2016. Students raised over $1400 and helped provide clean water to nearly 1500 people in over 10 countries across the globe for the next 5 years.

Pictured above are Shelby Pearce (center) and Eric Mason (Right) two Florida Tech alumni. Shelby is now a nuclear engineer and Eric is currently attending medical school. During a brief long weekend break they found time to go to Nicaragua and explore the area with some former surf club team mates.

One big thing that our school has always been known for is being diverse and community service. The picture on the left are international students singing Christmas songs during the holiday season as a way of practicing their English. The picture on the right is one of the many awards handed out to our students for committing so much of their time to giving back to the community throughout the school year.

Last but not least lots of weekends spent hanging out at the beach with friends enjoying the Florida sunshine, and the fact that even in the middle of January it can still be 85 degrees out.

The best thing about being a student at Florida Tech is that every single day is an adventure. Whether you are learning from alumni who have already gone through it before, traveling the world on adventures, or helping others learn English as a second language. Florida Tech truly is a home for everyone and no matter what your interests are Florida Tech will definitely be somewhere you can call home.

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