American Studies Institute 2013

By Jake Honadle, Humanities ‘16

 Jake spent his summer as a host for the School of Arts and Communication’s American Studies Institute. The American Studies Institute is an intensive three-week program that hosts Taiwanese students to study American culture and history. Jake helped visiting students from Feng Chia University in Taiwan acclimate to American culture. Here is his lyrical account of the summer.

The Florida Institute of Technology’s American Studies Institute is an astounding program which offers a unique blend of both Exceptional scholastic opportunities as well as excellent international social interactions. This year’s Institute included eleven students from the petite, yet tremendously vibrant Southeast Asian country of Taiwan.

As the Taiwanese subtly marched from the Bowing 747 after their incredible twenty-four hour journey across vast oceans , their feelings of fear and apprehensiveness where quickly replaced with those of joy and contentment when tranquilly confronted by our sincere personnel. Throughout their time spent within the confounds of the United States of America, the Taiwanese were truly blessed with a multitude of inimitable travel opportunities, including trips to Palm Beach, Disney World, Saint Augustine, and Kennedy Space Center.

Although the majority of time spent throughout this institute was exhausted adventuring across the state, it seems as though a number of the best moments were had simply lounging on the beach , enjoying the stunningly beautiful area that is Melbourne, Florida.

As time began to take its course, a certain level of comfort began to develop between our staff and Taiwanese counterparts. Sure enough, this immense comfort, approximating a beautiful butterfly, transformed into eloquent friendships which will surly resonate perpetually. It is clear that countless valuable lessons were learned throughout this remarkable institute. Lessons ranging from those of academia, to ones that can only be obtained through valuable life experiences.

There is no doubt that the memories obtained in this year’s American Studies Institute will without a doubt, last a lifetime. On behalf of The Florida Institute of Technology’s School of Arts and Communication, as well as our beautiful Taiwanese brothers and sisters, we bid you Zai Jian!

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