ArcGIS and PTC Creo at Evans Library

As part of our developing Digital Scholarship Lab, you can now find five dual-monitor ArcGIS and PTC Creo workstations on the third floor. Positioned along the north end of the floor, these five workstations come equipped with the high performance graphics needed for ArcGIS desktop and PTC Creo.

gisGeographic information systems (GIS) are used to store, manipulate, and analyze geographic information. Information stored and analyzed by GIS has many uses, including topological, hydrological, and cartographic modeling, geostatistics, and data mining.

ArcGis has three integrated applications:

  • ArcMap – main mapping application
  • ArcCatalog – organizes spatial data that you can view with ArcMap
  • ArcToolbox – tools for geoprocessing and more

PTC Creo is a 2D / 3D CAD design software with simulation and visualization capabilities, comparable to SolidWorks.

Keep in mind: because these stations are specifically designed for those who need GIS, data visualization, or high performance graphics, priority will be given to users utilizing those features.



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