Where on Campus can you Print?

By Philina Richardson

Have you ever found yourself needing to print something when the library is closed? How about before the library opens?

Have you ever come to the library to use a computer, only to find that every computer in the building is occupied?

Have you ever had a burning desire to use Matlab at 3am on a Saturday?

If any of the above applies to you, we have solutions!

Lab Support Services operates several multimedia computer labs across campus that can be accessed after hours (or before hours) with key card permissions. The following labs are accessible to students after classes, on weekends, or 24/7.

Evans Hall 205 (anytime)

Olin Engineering labs (when classes are not in session)

Link Computer Lounge (anytime)

You can obtain card access by logging into Access, and requesting the individual computer labs:

Access toolbar

Permissions can take up to a week to activate, so be patient!

If you’re mainly interested in printing, you can also download the remote printing driver here and send print jobs to campus printers directly from your laptop.
And, as always, be respectful of campus common areas. Our open labs are a great resource, to be enjoyed by all- so take care of them!

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