Community Foundation of Brevard Grants $21,640 to Florida Tech Alzheimers Disease Research

MELBOURNE, FLA.A grant of $21,640 has been awarded to Florida Institute of Technology from the Community Foundation of Brevard’s Kenneth R. Finken and Dorothy Hallam Finken Endowment Fund for research into the cause and cure of Alzheimer’s disease. The grant will support the work of Joshua Rokach, professor of chemistry in the College of Science.

Kenneth Finken was a graduate of Columbia University and held four patents; he retired from the Government Electronic Systems division of Harris Corp.

One of the most difficult aspects of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which often takes years to develop, is the measurement of the progression or arrest of the disease. The research being done with this grant is predicated upon a novel approach with a high potential of aiding in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in a non-invasive way and at an early stage. The grant provides funds for the initial study of a recently discovered naturally-occurring product called Isoprostanes (IPs) which are relatively chemically stable, and which can provide a sensitive, selective and reliable index of Alzheimer’s disease to detect the disease long before symptoms are obvious and allow early treatment.

The specific funded research includes pattern analysis, IP target selection and synthesis of target IP and a stable isotope derivative.
For more information, contact Sara Smith, Florida Tech development officer, at (321) 674-8259.

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