Computer Scientists Go Mobile

One of the first cell phones available

As we all know, the popularity of mobile phones is constantly rising. There are numerous reasons for that. The development of cell phone technology in the past decade coupled with new social processes and sharp decreases in prices contributes to the increased popularity. As a computer science major, I try to stay on top of the latest technology and the social trends that drive adoption and innovation.

Today, cell phones have become a symbol of status and a sort of fashion statement. Many manufacturers create designs with interchangeable covers in order to satisfy teenager preferences. All the technological advances and functionalities put into the design of the cell phone are more advanced and beneficial to everyone compared to what has been put into office devices. There are so many opportunities to use my computer science degree continue this innovation.

Cell phones are no longer just devices to read SMS (text messages) or make phone calls. Today, they are an important part of society and it has become a necessity for everyone to have one; even those at a young age. You are able to locate where you are and even where your friends are. You have access to the internet wherever you go and it creates an impact on your social life. Different applications on the iPhone or even the Android give you a different experience every time you use it. The future possibilities are endless

Just when you think that we have reached the maximum capacity for technological development, the cell phone manufacturers have something else in store for us. There has been talk of a mobile phone that can act as a car remote, which will allow you to unlock your car remotely with an encryption unique to the car. I am willing to bet anything that it will not stop there. Technology is a fast development and it will continue to evolve as more and more young scientists graduate from college and enter the workforce. One day, I will be one of them, joining the development team of the future and right now I’m keeping my options open and mobile is definitely one that is an intriguing path.

Computer science is so much more than desktop applications; mobile app development will continue to be a growing field that computer science majors are prepared to fill.

Check out Florida Tech’s mobile apps which were created by Florida Tech students Frank Sanchez, Joe Delprete and Roger Cotrina!

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