Countdown to the University Archives and Exhibition Inauguration

by Dr. Sohair Wastawy, Dean of Libraries

It’s quite an exciting time at the Evans Library as the completion of the new University Archives Exhibition Room nears.  In late April, President Catanese and the Florida Tech Board of Trustees will inaugurate the archives by visiting its first exhibit, Vision Extraordinaire: The History of Florida Institute of Technology.  Please join us on the first floor of the Library Tuesday, April 29 anytime between 10 am and 2 pm for the opening reception and public viewing.

The Library has been working hard to document Florida Tech’s history and to preserve university records for generations to come. A search is under way for a University Archivist, who is expected to arrive this summer.

Vision Extraordinaire: The History of Florida Institute of Technology includes artifacts, documents, and a digital timeline of the institution’s most important moments over the past 55+ years. Combined, the exhibit tells stories about those visionary individuals who helped create and grow this institution and develop its programs.

We hope that all members of our university and community will celebrate the university’s many successes with us at this special event.

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