Creative Writing Institute Inspires Writers

By Kate Broderick, Global Strategic Communication ’13

I am a believer in The Story.

What story? You ask.

Your story.

You know what story I mean. Maybe you haven’t told anyone yet, but you and I know it’s there. The story that you find yourself constructing amidst the wisps of daydreams, in between the humdrum hours of everyday life.

Yesterday, one of my oldest friends reconfirmed my belief in The Story. I’ve known him for three years, and in between our talks about intercultural communication—based mostly on topics from my classes in Global Strategic Communication—and his comments on splitting the genome (his pet hobby), creative writing never came up.

At this point, everybody and their brother know that following my participation in the Creative Writing Institute last year, I want to be an author (You can read about my past experience here). I was honored when my friend approached me and said, “I want to write a book! How do I start?”

The easiest answer I have is to attend the fifth Creative Writing Institute, held this summer from June 5t to 9th. While always quick to scribble a short story now and then, the Creative Writing Institute gave me the direction and focus needed to reach the next level as a writer. I took Philip Deaver’s (winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction with fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Bread Loaf Writers Conference) class, who is returning as our keynote speaker this year. Having the opportunity to work one-on-one and have my work personally reviewed by Dr. Deaver was inspiring, prompting me to push myself, work through bouts of discouragement, and finally give voice to The Story that has been living in me. In less than a year since attending the Creative Writing Institute, I’ve had my first short story published, and finished writing a book.

It can be hard to find the inspiration and momentum to get started—whether you’re writing a book, or simply wanting to get back into writing. The Creative Writing Institute is the perfect atmosphere for hobbyists and die-hards to delve into the writing process. So, I will share with you the same advice I told my friend: “Register for the Creative Writing Institute! And do it now!”

Do it. Find your Story. What are you waiting for?

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