Cute animal interlude

You hate finals. We hate finals. Everyone hates finals.

Look at you. There are dark circles under your eyes, empty Red Bull cans are covering your floor, and you knocked a container of cheese puffs off the desk when you took a nosedive on your physics book. You don’t even remember eating cheese puffs.

You’re stressed, and your stress makes us stressed.

So do us a favor.  Watch some bunnies play. Take a walk, take a shower, take a nap, and then try the studying thing again. You’ll feel better, and that makes us feel better.

We promise not to tell anyone about the cheese puffs in your hair.

And if bunnies aren’t your thing, here are more cute animal live streams to keep you sane until winter break:

–          Aquarium

–          Another aquarium

–          Kittens

–          Puppies

Look for more posts on managing stress (and your time) in January.

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