Fall 2016 Extended Hours

It’s that time of the semester! Refill your coffee and head over to the library for some late-night studying:

Wednesday, December 7: 7:45am – 2am

Thursday, December 8: 7:45am – 2am

Friday, December 9: 7:45am – 9pm

Saturday, December 10: 10am – 9pm

Sunday, December 11: 10am – 2am

Monday, December 12: 7:45am – 2am

Tuesday, December 13: 7:45am – 2am

Wednesday, December 14: 7:45am – 2am

Thursday, December 15: 7:45am – 12am

Friday, December 16: 7:45am – 6pm

Saturday, December 17: 9am – 2pm

Some things to keep in mind while hitting the books:

  • If you’re studying with friends, reserve a library study room ahead of time and beat the rush. Punctuality is appreciated! If you’re more than 15 minutes late to pick up your key, your reservation will be cancelled. Pay your punctuality forward and return your key on time for the next group in line. You can make same-day reservations from our convenient self-serve screen on the first floor.do_you_want_ants
  • Do your part, and place your trash in the designated receptacles. Can’t find a trashcan big enough for you pizza box, or the trashcan in your study room is full? Over-sized trashcans are available in the copy rooms on each floor.
  • Mmm, donuts. Grab a free donut (courtesy of the Library and the Florida Tech Deans) from 7pm – 9pm on December 12, 13, and 14.
  • Stress relief dogs are back! Get your pets and hugs in on December 13 from 1pm to 2pm.


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