Fashion is in! Florida Tech goes to India

Rush Week has come and gone and it was awesome! I hope all the girls out there had fun and joined the group they wanted to. I wish you all good luck.

This week there were many events like the Health Fair, performances at Gleason Center, and a Fashion event at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts. The theme of the event was Indian clothes and culture. I was really interested in the event since my roots and family are based in India. The Ruth Funk Center is aplace for art and fashion enthusiasts to visit and enjoy the unique artifacts and displays.

The Ruth Funk Center exhibits an international collection of traditional handmade embroidery and accessories from all over the world. The Ruth Funk Center constantly brings new events and exhibits to Florida Tech for the community to enjoy.  The amazing benefactor, Ruth E. Funk, has given the university a perspective from her eyes of art and culture. The Ruth Funk center allows us to see history from all over the world and better understand our past. The clothes came from different regions of India, showing the special materials woven into beautiful costumes which illustrate an exceptional skill of handcraft.

Cotton, silk, plain woven, satin stitch-embroidered from Northern India.

Also coming up this semester is Indiafest 2012. The event will feature cultural shows, traditional cuisines, a fashion show and much more. The event will take place at Wickham Pavilion on March 10th and 11th. Indiafest is looking for volunteer models for their fashion show and on the days they will have rehearsals. If you are interested in participating, please Contact Nina Gadodia at

As you can see, there are many cultural opportunities at Florida Tech and the surrounding community. Lately, I have been stressed about balancing my activities and studies. This week is going to be very busy, so I’m glad I was able to fit in seeing the exhibit, soon I will have to focus back on the Street Dance Club, since I have two performances coming up this year! I am already ready for it to be Friday and take a nap.









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