Featured Database: Mango Languages

Last year, we featured four language learning applications that we felt were worth your time. One of the featured options, Mango Languages, is available to FIT students, staff, and faculty free of charge through our A to Z Databases list.

Mango offers courses in over 70 languages, including Spanish, English, French, Russian, Italian, ASL, Thai, Tagalog, Farsi, and Latin. There are no limits on the number of languages you can learn simultaneously, making Mango a great option for those who like to dabble.

Once you’ve selected your language, you may select a course from those offered for that language. All languages include a basic introductory course, though some also include courses on more advanced and technical topics. Pre-tests and assessments are available for those who already have some mastery of their chosen language.

The Mango Languages homepage for Japanese.
The Mango Languages homepage for Japanese.

Mango works by introducing language in a natural setting, usually as a conversation. Each sentence is then broken down into its component parts, and users learn by studying the individual parts and putting them back together. Mango utilizes heavy repetition to teach users new words, and requires a headset with a microphone for the best experience.

Perhaps one of Mango’s best features is the option to watch full-length movies in your chosen language. Viewers may watch with subtitles in their own language, the language they are learning, or both. Subtitles are also coded to help you recognize and learn grammar.

Watch full-length movies in your chosen language with subtitles.
Watch full-length movies in your chosen language with subtitles.

Mango is also available on your Apple or Android device.

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