Finding a job on campus

Many prospective students may be wondering if FIT offers any jobs on campus, and the answer is YES! There are jobs available all around campus for those who have Federal Work Study or want to work with a department that offers a College Roll position. FIT has many different areas in which you may be able to obtain a paid position on campus. Campus Services plays an important part in on-campus employment. They are in charge of all the fine dining available here at Florida Tech. This includes the Panther Dining HallThe RatBlack Kat’s Kafe and the SUB. The people that work down at campus services are very nice and will readily help anyone in need of a job. In addition to working in the dining halls, you also have the opportunity to work in the library and the college bookstore,  just to name a few.

Students enrolled at Florida Tech will also be given the opportunity to get paid positions working with teachers. I know for a fact that many professors in the computer science department hire students to help them with their research and classes. I am already getting my resume ready for submission.  Currently, I am working towards a position with my professors in the computer science department, in order to gain more experience in the field and get a taste of what my life will be like as a computer scientist. From what I hear, you have a great time and you make money doing it. What could be better?

For me, working on campus provides a sense of independence. It allows me to support myself in a new country and proves how much strength I have. It also shows me that I am ready for the challenge of life after college.

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