by Rose Petralia

Carla Deras, Jess Cushman, Shelby Stansell, and Asim Conrad recently maximized their library time to reveal the murder weapon from Evans Library’s “Death of a Librarian” mystery. The FIT Student Government Association members’ can-do attitude netted them an easily dividable $40 win — inspiring!

Library work study Donald Hill wrote the three-part series for the Crimson student newspaper during a brief break from his studies as a Junior in FIT’s Aviation Management/Flight program. His contest required students to read the stories for clues, and then locate the murder weapon — a paper knife complete with “fresh” blood — among the fourth-floor stacks and post evidence to Evans Library’s Facebook page.

Read the stories on page four of the CrimsonPart OnePart TwoPart Three.

Thank you to the Crimson staff for letting us have this bit of fun, and congratulations to our winners!

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