Five Things We Are Thankful for at Florida Tech

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all we are thankful for.

When you are part of the Florida Tech family, the list is quite extensive.

Our Students

We are thankful to have such high caliber students. They continue to inspire us with their ingenuity and compassion. Our students are consistently acknowledged for their level of civic engagement within the community and abroad. They also take care of each other and provide an inclusive campus environment, where people feel and know they belong.

Our Faculty  

The level of engagement our faculty have with our students and that mentorship exemplifies what the university experience is all about. They change lives, they inspire new ways of thinking and they are a critical part of our students’ journey. They are also crucial to our community, giving us unique insights and knowledge about the challenges we face and novel solutions to overcome them.

Our Staff

The staff at Florida Tech is the glue that makes our university whole.  Much of our staff works very hard behind the scenes, making sure we have a delicious meals to enjoy (like the awesome spread they put out for us during our recent Thanksgiving lunch), or ensuring that campus is a safe and comfortable place to live and learn.

Our Alumni

We have some of the best alumni in the world, more than 44,000 of them live and work around the world. Near or far, they continue to contribute to the university and give back. Whether through coming  to campus and giving expert advice or helping students find internships and jobs, our alumni’s “Panther for life” mentality is part of why we consider ourselves family (which you know is forever).

Our Community

Our home on the Space Coast is the cherry on top of the (pumpkin) pie. They rally behind us for games, they come on campus to engage with students and faculty, and they are some of our biggest champions who help spread the word on the greatness that is Florida Tech.

There are thousands of individuals who contribute to making Florida Tech such a unique and wonderful university. You know who you are and please know that we appreciate everything you do, not only for the university, but for your communities.

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