The Value of Florida Tech Alumni

Recently my fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, had our alumni celebration, which brought in alumni from all over the world. Seeing these guys come in from all walks of life to celebrate their time they spent here at Florida Institute of Technology reminded me just how important alumni are to a university.

Most of us are only undergrads for four years. In those four years, we go through life-changing experiences in a setting unlike anything we’ve ever known or will ever know again. For many, college represents the first real step to becoming independent adults. Free from the clutches of our parents hovering over our shoulders, we face our own consequences.  College is our first taste of freedom.

When Florida Tech alumni come back, they see that. They see us gallivanting just as they did when they were our age.  They see us in the midst of this melting pot of childhood and maturity and offer sage advice. For current students, being able to connect with someone that’s made it through to the other side (real life) is invaluable. Alumni can offer advice on how to succeed in certain courses, as well as help the students in the search for an internship or employment.

Florida Tech alumni also serve as donors for major campus improvement projects. If you look around any university, there are residence halls and classroom facilities named in honor of donors who were once students that wanted to give back to their alma mater.

Florida Tech, a relatively new school founded in 1958, has a smaller alumni base, but our alumni are proud of where they came from. They support the university’s great strides toward expanding.  For more information on connecting to the Florida Tech’s alumni, contact the Alumni Association.

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