Juneteenth Message from the President: Join Us As We Strive to Be Better, Together

Dear Florida Tech community,

Although June 19 is not yet a federal holiday, it has significance as the day that our nation remembers the end of slavery in the United States. As we reflect upon the past, and more importantly work to improve our societal present and future, it is a good time to reaffirm what we stand for as a community of learners.

We see with clarity and take notice of the racial atrocities taking place across our country. Hate and racism have no place in our country or in our university life. This university stands with our African American students, alumni, faculty and staff, and communities around the world who have clearly taken a stand—Black lives do matter.  We will work to improve our societal present and future. Let us stand together in solidarity to celebrate the rich heritage and significant contributions of African Americans. More so, let us build upon the work that they have done to make our union more perfect, just, and free of discrimination.

As a university, this is a time for true listening, introspection and self-correction as we seek to fully understand, appreciate, and address these ills in society, and to any degree that they may exist in our university community. We further believe that ending injustice of any kind must begin with education and include honest and sincere dialogue. So, let us open our hearts to feel the pain that is etched deeply within the minority communities. Let us open our minds to understand their burdens so that we can help bear them. Let us open our ears as they call out to us, and let us be that unifying voice among the discord.

As our Student Life staff members prepare to present programming this summer and fall and lead some of these important conversations, we are listening. We hear, we see, and we commit to being part of the solution. We are also dedicating ourselves to new educational options for our students and training for our staff that highlight the critical issues of race and inequity. Positive change is the responsibility of us all. Florida Tech holds fast to this ideal.

As American author and activist James Baldwin wrote, “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

I am firmly committed. Please join us as we collectively strive to be better, together.


T. Dwayne McCay, Ph.D.
President & CEO

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