Florida Tech Students Rave About Their Majors

Last fall, we took to campus to find out what our students loved best about Florida Tech and their degree programs. We got a number of awesome responses and every answer was as unique as each of our Panthers. Here are some examples:

“Florida Tech is the perfect university for me because of the aerospace engineering program. I was so excited when I was accepted because I had wanted to go here since I was a child.” – Adam Truszkowski, Aerospace Engineering ’15

“The best part of my degree program is the amount of clubs and organizations that are related to it. Also, the professors are all involved in research which allows for internship opportunities.” – Karley Herschelman, Computer Science ’16

“I chose Florida Tech because of its strong aviation program and they are famous even across the Atlantic!” – Eve Steinitz, Aviation Management ’14

“The faculty members are very open and helpful with any questions I have.” – Samper Diego, Business Administration/Marketing ’16

“I like how the degree program is relatively small and I am able to get to know those in my major.” – Jessebelle Pichardo, Psychology ’14

“I like that I am in a new program on campus and students are allowed to be involved in the development of the program.” Emily Sybo, Sustainability Studies ’15”

A few outgoing students went on camera to briefly discuss their personal experiences at the university. Check it out:


You can find more student testimonials on our undergraduate degree program pages!

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