Florida Tech Students Make a Splash with Live to Inspire

Two Florida Tech students from Jamaica, Jordan Samuels (above right) and Curtis Marsh (above left), are garnering some major attention with a brand new organization called Live to Inspire. Initially starting out as a campus club, Live to Inspire has grown internationally as a top faith-based university group.

What is Live to Inspire?

Live to Inspire is an organization founded by Jordan Samuels and Curtis Marsh on the Florida Tech campus. The group’s mission is to motivate others to do well in their lives while maintaining a relationship with God. They believe in sharing encouraging messages through uplifting life stories to inspire others to achieve ultimate self-actualization in their life’s work with God as a driving force.

Live to Inspire is starting a surge of spiritual inspiration at Florida Tech and on an international scale. The group intends to focus their attention on universities because they believe many students are in need of guidance.

How did it all start?

One day in the dining hall, Curtis and Jordan were talking about creating individual testimonial videos of their lives at Florida Tech. Stacey Reeder, Associate Director of International Admissions, had asked Curtis to do a follow-up to a video he completed as a freshman with the Aviation Club Jamaica. She intended to use the video to encourage more students in Jamaica and other countries to come to the university. Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre had asked Jordan to do a video for the church to use as inspiration for the young people in the congregation and the Jamaican diaspora at large. Both young men were inspired to merge these videos into one main inspirational video. Fortunately, the inspiration did not end there. The students decided to take their passion and establish a group called Live to Inspire.

What’s Live to Inspire up to now?

Recently, Live to Inspire designed custom t-shirts with the scriptures written on them as a means of nonverbal inspiration. Approximately 15 Florida Tech students have proudly worn their shirts and many others across the world have requested shirts as well.

Because of the group’s efforts, Florida Tech has gained many prospective students, especially Curtis and Jordan’s home country of Jamaica. The group even grabbed the attention of the Florida Tech’s President, Dr. Anthony J. Catanese, who opted to show one of their videos as an outstanding student project at an alumni reception in Jamaica.

Live to Inspire has amassed over 2100 likes on their Facebook page and over 500 views on their YouTube channel. The Jamaica Observer, a leading media company, even featured Curtis and Jordan regarding the organization.

How can you join?

Interested individuals can become a part of this movement by sending an email to livetoinspire900@gmail.com or reaching out on the Live to Inspire Facebook page. Online membership will be available soon after website construction is complete.


Jordan is currently studying aeronautical science with flight and Curtis is earning his degree in aerospace engineering with a minor in business administration.

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