Florida Tech to Use Donations for Student Assistance Through May

Panther Fund Gifts Will Solely Target
Pandemic-Related Financial Hardships

MELBOURNE, FLA. — All donations coming into Florida Tech’s Panther Fund through May 31 will be used to assist students experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic that could interrupt their education, the university’s Office of Development announced.

“Our top priority is the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff, especially the most vulnerable among them,” said Gary Grant, senior vice president for development. “During this unique and turbulent time, we want to help ensure those students who may be facing dire financial challenges can focus first and foremost on their classes and the pursuit of their degrees.”

The funds raised during this period will help students whose changed circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic might require the university to award additional assistance, under the plan approved by Florida Tech President Dwayne McCay.

“Florida Tech alumni and students have a special resilience and relentless spirit, and it is those attributes that will mean so much through the coming weeks,” Grant said. “Our thanks to all for your thoughts, support and volunteerism, as well as for the leadership of our Board of Trustees, our Alumni Association Board, the Parents Leadership Council, and the College Advisory Boards whose input is so valuable each and every day.”

To donate to the Panther Fund, please click here.


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