Florida Tech’s Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society Fall 2013 Induction

Honor Societies are an excellent way for students who work above and beyond the norm to be recognized in their respective fields. Some students view these societies as pointless, but there are many membership benefits.  This fall, I had the honor of being inducted into Florida Tech’s Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society (Epsilon Eta Chapter). In order to be eligible for membership, a student must be in the upper 20% of their class in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business after 24 semester hours or during the junior year of study. After a brief time of inactive status, the Florida Tech Chapter of Delta Mu Delta has come back with Dr. Mike Slotkin at the helm as our faculty advisor. During my induction ceremony, I was able to network with College of Business professors and alumni. Historically, Delta Mu Delta has co-sponsored COB events including ethics breakfasts and various conferences. The future looks bright for this honor society to be much more than resume filler. It can add prestige to your campus life.

Being part of an honor society is something every student should strive for. It shows employers that you took your studies seriously and grants you opportunities and recognition in your school community that you would not have been able to attain otherwise.

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