Discovery Day Q&A – Reasons This Admissions Event is Not to be Missed!

A campus visit is an important item on every high school and transfer student’s to-do list. It’s that first glimpse into what life is really like at a specific university. But what if you could skip the regular ol’ campus tour and get an experience unlike any other? At Florida Tech, we offer a full-day interactive campus program called Discovery Day. What is Discovery Day? Let’s ask Adrienne Foltz, Assistant Director for Event Management and chief organization of every Discovery Day at FIT.

florida-tech-discovery-daySo, what exactly is Discovery Day?
Discovery Day is a full-day event that allows prospective students and their families to check out all that Florida Tech has to offer. Students have the opportunity to speak to professors about their major, take a campus tour led by current students, explore student organizations, learn more about extracurricular activities, attend a financial aid presentation and speak to an admissions counselor.

Why should a student interested in Florida Tech attend Discovery Day?
I believe Discovery Day is the perfect opportunity for students to learn more about all the different aspects of Florida Tech. For instance, if a student is debating between majoring in two different areas, they have a chance to talk to each department and ask all the questions that will assist in making a decision that fits best for them. Additionally, they have a chance to interact with current students to get a feel for student life on campus. It’s all about fit. You won’t know if you belong at FIT until you visit FIT.

What are some highlights of Discovery Day?
I think every student who visits Florida Tech for Discovery Day would find a different aspect to be the most important. I think that’s the highlight! We try to incorporate a wide range of activities so that we aren’t just catering to any one type of student. For some, the highlight may be seeing senior design projects, for another it might be the admission/financial aid overview and for another it could be the student panel. For some, it’s definitely the chance to eat at Panther Dining Hall!

What are some frequently asked questions you get about Discovery Day?
How do I sign up? Sign up Here! Can I bring my family?  Yes! Everyone is welcome. Do I have to be an admitted student to come? No, the event is open for all prospective and admitted students, whether freshmen, transfer or international.

How should students prepare for Discovery Day?
Students don’t really need to prepare for the day. Just wear some comfortable shoes and have fun!

So there you have it. Interested? Sign up for Discovery Day today!

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