So You Want To Fly An Airplane?

Florida Tech’s summer flight camp gives middle and high school students the chance to fly a plane! That’s right, some students may not have their learner’s permit, but by the end of the week, they’ll be on the runway. Why worry about getting a car decal when you can park your plane on the helipad at school?

But really…

In total, Florida Tech Aviation has three camps: Summer Flight Camp, Advanced Aviation Camp and AV/Aero Experience. Each camp is based on the experience and maturity of the student. The more knowledgeable and motivated the student is, the longer they get to fly.


The camp is for people who’ve only just realized their interest in planes:

This entry-level camp gives students the opportunity to fly a Piper Aircraft.  A student’s week will start with a tour of the plane and lessons on how to use it. Flight simulations and lectures given by Florida Tech Aviation staff will give them the confidence to fly. By Friday, they’re on the runway with their copilot/instructor. This flight is relatively simple and bound to the runway.

Attention Experienced Fliers! Here’s something for you:

If students have participated in summer flight camp in the past, or feel like they’ve had more outside experience with planes, they are welcome to join the Advanced Aviation Academy.

Here, students get the chance to work on the construction of a NASA X Glider model, and take tours of Northrop Grumman, Baer Air, Bristow Academy and Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum. Students who are ready to build a career out of any aspect of aviation have a great opportunity here.

The advanced camp’s flight not only leaves the runway, but flies to Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX). This flight is also supervised, but students are prepared throughout the week for the experience.

For all you overachievers out there:

The AV/Aero Experience is for you. By combining aviation and aerospace, students can get the best of both worlds. After a week, students fly to NASA Kennedy Space Center. At the end of the second week, they get to launch model rockets.

The two weeks have these highlights:

  1. Scuba instruction of catapult
  2. Simulator flight at Arthur Dunn Airport
  3. Tour of Citabria Aerobatic Plane
  4. Mission to Mars session
  5. Tour of NASA
  6. Model Building a space shuttle
  7. Zero Gravity session

So if you ever wanted to fly an airplane, here’s your chance.


by Purvi Pandit

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