State of the University

It was my great pleasure to see you all at the State of the University Address Oct. 9 and to share with you so much that is positive. I would like to reiterate many of the highlights from what was my 11th address to faculty and staff. In short, we have good news because you have made it good news.

Our revenues are up and our enrollment has increased in a climate where so many universities see the reverse. Other universities are laying off and cutting back on health care coverage while we are adding faculty, giving raises and keeping the commitment to pay as much of health care costs as we possibly can. We continue to receive accolades and notice in rankings reports both nationally and internationally. Our extended studies sites and online programs are doing very well and contribute to our success.

We are experiencing expansion in many areas, including international pilot training. We are training Turkish and Chinese pilots and furthering our relationships in Panama. We are very proud of our international composition and we’re in the forefront, I think, of celebrating our diversity.

Of course, we shared the recent news of the $13.1 million Intersil facility gift, which you can bet we will make good use of. This will definitely give us some breathing room for anything that requires space, including student culminating projects.

We look to a new capital campaign with a considerably higher goal than the last. We’ll kick that off in January and I invite you all to be fund raisers for Florida Tech.

I thank you all for the important part you play in creating our success. You helped build this university and you should be very proud.

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