Google for the Win?

Recently, there was a leak that Google has serious ambitions of launching their own permanent retail stores.  This has been backed by the Wall Street Journal, although, sources have not been named.

Different people are saying different things about the actual opening times for the retail stores. Most are indicating that Google will launch its first official store sometime after the holidays this year. The Wall Street Journal states that from what they hear, Google will not open any retail stores at all this year. Google, which already has small shops opened mainly in airports, plans to go bigger. This interest was reported earlier by the 9to5 blog network.

The main purpose of opening Google retail stores is to allow current and  future customers to try out their Nexus devices, Chrome software and future products yet to be discovered. It has also been said that Google plans to release its own hardware beyond the Chromebook. Google is taking the fight to Apple and Microsoft once more.

Not only is Google working on improving its Android selection, there is a division of Google that not many know about – Google X. Run by co-founder Sergey Brin, Google X is working on Google Glass otherwise known as Project Glass. This is a computing device that is worn just like glasses and will display everything, just like an ordinary Android device, and is controlled vocally. This may be available to the public as early as 2014.

Apple has close to 400 retail stores worldwide and is making over $10 billion dollars in annual sales. Microsoft is slowly developing more and more retail shops in the United States and Canada. Google appears to be heading in the same direction.

If Google created its own operating system beyond Chrome and Android, do you think they could take over both Microsoft and Apple?

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