Graduation: One Month Later

Today marks exactly a month since I’ve graduated. It really only feels like it’s been about two weeks, but maybe that’s just me not wanting to get older or the fact that I haven’t been nearly as busy as I was two months ago. I miss everyone on campus so I visit them whenever I can. I didn’t realize how many people have helped me and how many friends I’ve made until you aren’t around them all the time. It was weird adjusting to not being in a daily routine all of a sudden, but it’s starting to sink in now. Here’s a little update with the top three things I’ve been doing since graduation:

 1. Spending time with family and friends.

Maybe you are surprised that looking for a job isn’t the first thing, but I will explain that next. Since I spend most of my time at home, family takes precedence. I find it very important that I interact with my family, especially to make up for lost time while I was at school. We’ve been helping family friends get ready for a big birthday party coming up, celebrated my little cousin’s elementary school graduation and preparing for my cousin in Georgia to get married in a couple weeks. Believe it or not, but those are time consuming! Doing basic things around the house is another thing I do, as well as occasionally watching a movie or playing a game with the family.


2. The thing that almost ties for first place is looking for a job.

I thought it wouldn’t be such a long process but in case you didn’t know, you have to edit your resume and cover letter and tailor it for Every. Single. Job you apply for. I did apply for a few jobs before graduating, but not as many as I wish I could have applied for due to time constraints. I’m applying to more places such as hotels, airports, airlines, and cruise lines (which is what I’ve REALLY been hoping for lately). I’ve been focusing on finding jobs that I will be happy doing and applying, applying, applying. I know I will get something soon; I just have to have faith and keep trying. I’ve had the support of friends and family who hear about openings and let me know, so that’s been really helpful.


3. Of course, how could I forget Student Ambassador stuff!

I’ve been to school a few times to help get things sorted out for the upcoming freshman class. If you are reading this and I called you, hello again! We’ve done a phone-a-thon, invited students to lunch, and working on plans for Orientation. Doing what I can to help out the School of Arts and Communication helps keep me in the zone. We are so excited to have everyone come and join the Florida Tech family in August and if you can get a leg up and visit us before then, please do so! We’d love to have you.

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