What IS that Wooden Box with a Globe Inside?

What is it? It is a Hosum Star Globe by H. Hughes of London

Where can I find it on campus? In the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems office.

What was it used for? Dr. George Maul, department chair of DMES says it was used for “celestial navigation, together with a sextant,  a chronometer, and a nautical almanac, so the ship’s navigator can determine a ship’s position from the stars.”

When was it made? Nearly 100 years ago.

How do we do this today?  Pretty much the same, except the globe and be replaced by a computer program or an app for your smartphone.

Where did Florida Tech get it? It is part of a collection of maritime items that was donated to Florida Tech by a local realtor named Mitchel Mark.

star globe instruction
These instructions are printed inside the lid. “The observer is supposed to be at the centre of the globe; therefore, as seen from outside the globe, the constellations appear to be reverse right for left, so that the Great Bear, for instance, when below the pole, has his tail extended to the right.”
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