Keeping the mind and body in shape

Clemente Center

Many people say that it is important for everyone to stay in good physical shape. According to scientists and those that study psychology, a healthier body equals a healthier mind. Scientific experiments have shown that the impact from exercise actually improves the brain’s ability to change under new scenarios. Improving the blood flow to your brain trickles down into memory capacity and cognitive thinking.

Florida Tech makes it easy for you to keep your mind and body in peak physical form. Perhaps you want to shed a couple pounds or you’re just bored. You can always come on down to the Clemente Center  after class and play a game of basketball, hit the weights or do some stationary rowing. It is open every day of the week with trainers available to help if you should need it. I head down to the gym whenever I can after completing all my work. Since I started going to the gym, I’ve found that I feel healthier and have more energy then I used to. This energy is what I need when it comes time to go to class and hit the books.

Florida Tech also has many sports teams available to choose from. I know that I have been interested in the soccer team as well as the tennis team. Next semester I will be trying out for both. For those that don’t wish to join the team and would like to play for fun, you can always join intramurals. I took part in this last semester, creating a team consisting of close friends, and playing against other students at FIT. It was very enjoyable and I encourage everyone to take part in it. There is an intramural for almost every sport. I joined in for soccer.

If you are passionate about combining your love of fitness and sports into a career, you should check out Florida Tech’s sports management degree.




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