Library Tip Tuesday: Finding Fiction

Library Tip Tuesday!

On Tuesdays, the Evans Library brings you helpful tips for using your library resources more effectively. This week, we’ll cover how to find fiction in and beyond Evans Library.

I read enough for class, thanks.

Reading fiction isn’t just a hobby: reading fiction can make you more empathetic, improve your theory of mind, make you happier, and lower your stress levels. Taking a reading break during a stressful or busy time might be just the thing to get you back on track.

So how do I find fiction? I left all my books at home.

Though the vast majority of our collection supports our academic objectives, Evans Library does have more than a few fiction items in its collection. You can find books by Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Brooks, Margaret Atwood, Danielle Steel, and many more  on the fourth floor. If you’re interested in browsing, check out the ‘P’ section on the fourth floor.

LCC subjects
You can browse items by call number, either online or on the fourth floor.

To search for a specific author, use the “author” field within the library catalog.

catalog searching
Use the drop-down menu to change your search fields.

Brevard County Public Libraries are also an excellent resource available to all Florida Tech students. To obtain a library card, simply take your student ID to the nearest library.

Brevard County Libraries offer eBooks and audiobooks, as well as an excellent hold service that allows users to pick up books from any library within the system.

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