Mazo presents at teaching and learning conference

In January, Florida Tech’s Keturah Mazo presented “Building Connections in Writing from Play to Work” at Georgia Southern’s Commons Conference on Teaching and Learning in Savannah, Georgia.

Georgia Southern’s Commons Conference on Teaching and Learning 2019

by Keturah Mazo

Commons Conference on Teaching and LearningHarborside along historic downtown Savannah, Georgia, I presented my poster on “Building Connections in Writing from Play to Work” on January 24.  I joined colleagues from across the U.S. as far north as Vermont to South Florida. The conference focused on current practices and the latest research in higher education.

This conference gave me the opportunity to discuss concerns in today’s college classroom.  While STEM remains a hot topic of research for K to 12 educators and their professors, many university faculty with whom I spoke were also concerned with the lack of critical thinking skills our students exhibit when they enter college. Among other areas of research were the distinct need for collaboration among departments in terms of projects, and better ways to assess students’ choice of research for reports and capstones.

I returned home with a new sense of comradeship and a sense of validation from this experience.  The knowledge that my beliefs and concerns are shared by others in the field builds hope. We are here working toward a more promising future for our students. Together, we strive to make a difference.

Keturah Mazo

Keturah Mazo is an instructor of communication in the School of Arts and Communication. She teaches scientific and technical communication and professional communication for executives. 


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