Mission Control

The Chevy Fireball Run Adventurally takes off from Downtown Melbourne on Sunday, September 25th . The Florida Tech team (represented by Dean Winston Scott and Jennifer Neuhard, Assoc. VP of Marketing) will need your help to complete their daily missions. Starting on Sunday, September 25th, Dean Scott will be taking over the Florida Tech Facebook page. This means our Facebook page will transform into “Mission Control” for the entire week of the race!

Dean Scott will post his daily missions on our Facebook and he’ll need your help gathering intel to complete them. Missions can come in many shapes and sizes including MP3s, video or photos. He’ll never know what each day will bring and he’ll be relying on the cumulative brain power of the entire Florida Tech community to ensure mission success.

Dean Scott will also be receiving intel from his “Mission Control Specialists.”  “Mission Control Specialists” are comprised of student organizations that will each be responsible for a leg of the race.

The Falcon’s Flight Team– Sunday, September 25th (Melbourne, FL  to Jacksonville, FL)

Panther Pride– Monday, September 26th (Jacksonville, FL to Charleston, SC)

Theta Omega Gamma– Tuesday, September 27th (Charleston,SC to Peachtree City, GA)

The Florida Tech Pep Band-Wednesday, September 28th (Peachtree City, GA to Knoxville, TN)

The Crimson Staff – Thursday, September 29th (Knoxville, TN to Clarksville, TN)

Student Government – Friday, September 30th (Clarksville, TN to Anniston, AL)

TBD* – Saturday, October 1st (Anniston, AL to Gulfport, MS)

*If you’re a Florida Tech student organization and would like to be a “Mission Control Specialist”, please email efox@fit.edu

Of course, each “Mission Control Specialist” will still need help from the community in their daily missions, so now you have a good excuse for constantly checking your Facebook. The Fireball Run will also have a live interactive page that will track the progress and location of each team and stream the entire event, so keep your eye on Florida Tech Team #87 and be sure to “like” our team (like button above the image of our team on the right sidebar of the Fireball Run blog).

In case you don’t already Like the official Florida Tech Facebook page, just click like below.


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