Oops, Google did it again.

In my earlier post, I briefly mentioned that Google is working on a product called Google Glass. I thought I’d take that topic a little further. We have phones, computers, etc., but isn’t it annoying to have to type everything or have to open multiple pages to get information? Google has an answer.

With Google Glass, you are able to surf the web, send text messages, take pictures and pretty much everything else you’ve been doing just by using voice control. A revolutionary product, in the words of Steve Jobs, “changes everything.” Soon, you will be able to literally live hands-free and have access to everything from the convenience of a headset. Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with Google Glass. But for those who already wear glasses, not to worry, Google has designs that will make Google Glass fit around your existing glasses. Google Glass will cost around $750, competitive with the price of a smartphone (minus the contract discount).

We aren’t far away from technology being so seamlessly integrated into our lives, that it becomes almost effortless. With cars coming out that drive themselves and glasses that display any information you need – what’s left for us to do? However, there are a few things that sort of scare me about Google Glass. A significant chunk of Google’s revenue stream comes from advertisers, so there is a high potential for Google Glass users to have to put up with obtrusive pop-up ads. Also, there is concern that Google might record everything you see through your headset. What could they do with that data? As with all new technology, you have to weigh the benefit to the risk.

Glass is set to release in 2014; however, it may be possible that some glasses are released to consumers at the end of 2013. I know I’ll be on the waiting list for Google Glass, what about you?

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