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As I hope you have already heard, this week is Open Access Week. It is a global event “celebrating free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research.” At Florida Tech, our Open Access (OA) research is presented to the world from our Scholarship Repository. There are hundreds of OA articles from faculty and students – want to know more about spacetime foam or plea bargaining?, theses and dissertations – Flexible slosh diaphragm modeling of interest?, technical reports and white papers. All of these are available in full text format to anyone who has an interest and wants to learn. There is much more about OA to explore.

Graduate students, you can make your thesis available by completing a simple form and uploading your final, approved thesis. But why would you go to this extra effort? You have already put a lot of work into doing the research and writing the thesis, but this small extra step will make it much more accessible on a global scale. It will also be easier for you to access – from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can share your thesis with possible employers and potential collaborators via a simple url. So, take the next step and add your thesis to the Scholarship Repository!

Learn more about formatting your thesis at the Format an FIT Thesis Workshop today at 1 PM and tomorrow at 6 PM.

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