Operation Gratitude gives back to deployed military service members

Pictured above from left to right, Penny Vassor (Extended Studies Virtual Site) and Marie Aguilar (Extended Studies Orlando Site

Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) annual symposium to better understand the unique needs of our military students. This year, CCME partnered with Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization responsible for sending over 100,000 care packages annually to our deployed U.S. Service Members around the world.

During the 2012 CCME Symposium, Florida Tech employees (as well as other CCME attendees) helped prepare individualized Operation Gratitude care packages. The booth was set up in the middle of the exhibit hall so attendees could stop by and assemble care packages as they walked through the booth, just like a little assembly line. Participants could also write personal notes to service-members, which was a nice way to say thanks.

Florida Tech’s Penny Vassar, Marie Aguilar, Erin Fox, Andrew Morely, Brian Enlrich and Shawn Daughtery all put together several care packages for deployed service-members. At the end of the event, 1000 packages were created and shipped overseas .

Greg Osborne, Florida Tech Online Military Liaison

Greg Osborne; Florida Tech University Online’s senior military liaison, was one of the major organizers responsible for bringing Operation Gratitude to CCME.

If you would like to help participate in this worthy cause, Operation Gratitude still needs your monetary donations necessary to fill these much deserved care packages.

Please send your monetary donations (via check or credit card) and a personal letter/postcard to a military service member to:

CCME Exhibit Management
c/o Exhibit Promotions Plus, Inc.
11620 Vixens Path
Ellicott City, MD 20142
ccme@epponline.com Fax 410-997-0764 Tel 410-997-0763

Florida Tech salutes our military professionals and our community that supports them!

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