Panthers in the Headlines: September 2020

6 Panther-Proud Headlines this Month

Florida Tech is a one-of-a-kind community. Our faculty, staff, students and alumni continuously strive to achieve their goals, contribute to the greater good and relentlessly pursue greatness—so much so, they’re making headlines.

1. F.I.T. Aviation helps Brevard Zoo Rescue a Baby Spider Monkey

The baby Spider Monkey eats breakfast his first morning at Brevard Zoo.

When our friends at Brevard Zoo requested a plane ride to and from Texas to bring an endangered animal into their care, Florida Tech answered the call without hesitation. On Sept. 17, two pilots representing F.I.T. Aviation and the College of Aeronautics, Shayne Inniss ’16, ’19 MSA, and Zachary St. Amand ’19, took off to Dallas with Brevard Zoo curator of animals Dave Quavillon. They successfully transported the young spider monkey back to Melbourne Sept. 18. The little guy is now under the care of Florida Tech psychology assistant professor and animal behavior researcher Darby Proctor at Brevard Zoo’s spider monkey complex.

Read Florida Today‘s story recounting the monkey rescue mission, and check out this photo gallery.

2. Florida Tech Recognized Among the Best in U.S. News & World Report Ranking

Florida Tech's Panther Plaza at sunset
Florida Tech’s Panther Plaza

U.S. News & World Report has once again recognized Florida Tech for its educational excellence, ranking us among the best national universities for the 11th consecutive year, while spotlighting the particular quality of our engineering and computer science programs.

Check out the Hometown News story highlighting Florida Tech’s accolade.

3. MBA Alumnus Named Patagonia CEO

Florida Tech's Bisk College of Business
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech

After serving as Patagonia’s managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for the last six years, Ryan Gellert ’97 MBA has a new title: chief executive officer. In an interview with Fast Company, Gellert discusses his plan to make Patagonia more global and translate its planet-saving mission into specific causes to champion.

Read more about Florida Tech alumnus Ryan Gellert.

4. Professor Lingam’s Research About Possible Life on Mars Featured in Forbes

This artist concept features NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, a mobile robot for investigating Mars past or present ability to sustain microbial life. The rover examines a rock on Mars with a set of tools at the end of the rover arm.
Artist concept featuring NASA Mars Science Laboratory’s Curiosity rover examining a rock on Mars with a set of tools at the end of the rover arm.

Astrobiology assistant professor Manasvi Lingam is the lead author on research that is examining if life could exist underneath the surface of Mars. This research is in collaboration with Avi Loeb, a Harvard University science professor, at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian.

Read the Forbes piece, “Finding Martian Microbes Could Require Digging Miles Underground.”

5. Marine Biology Alumna Interviewed for National Geographic Video Series

Dr. Chelsea Harms-Tuohy Evan Tuohy
Evan Tuohy ’09 (left) and Chelsea Harms-Tuohy ’10, ’11 M.S. (right)

Chelsea Harms-Tuohy ’10, ’11 M.S., was featured in the National Geographic video series, “I Can Science.” In her interview, Harms-Tuohy discusses her research studying fish in the coral reefs around Puerto Rico. The goal of the video series is to introduce young women to various STEM fields through the eyes and experiences of actual female scientists.

Watch Harms-Tuohy’s National Geographic interview.

Learn more about Florida Tech’s ocean engineering and marine sciences department.

6. Florida Tech’s Computer Science Program Highlighted as one of Florida’s Best

A computer science student at florida tech works in the lab
A Florida Tech computer science student working in a lab on campus

The Orlando Business Journal recently highlighted Florida Tech for having one the best computer science programs in the state and in Central Florida. The ranking data comes from and the National Center for Education Statistics.

Read the business journal’s story showcasing Florida Tech’s computer science prestige.

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