President Obama Comes to Florida Tech

Social Skills Salute: President Obama at Florida Tech

On Sunday, September 9, President Barack Obama held a grassroots rally at the Florida Tech Clemente Center. We’ve rounded up just a sampling of the Tweets and Facebook updates that dominated social media.

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#Obama is coming to my university #Florida_Tech on Sunday :)yOuSeF
Obama will be at Florida Tech tomorrow. It’s an honor :’)Blood Sweat N Tears
Lines snake through campus towards Country club #ObamaBrevard Zooks
The hottest ticket in #melbournefl since Friday. #obamabrevard Jones
College student Christian Bordoli, 21, is in line for Pres. Obama’s speech despite a broken leg. #ObamaBrevard Kennerly
#ObamaBrevard security helicopters buzzed over the house as I’m getting ready to head over to FITSpacearium
Still a big line waiting to get inside and hear the President speak at Florida Tech in Melbourne. Decides
Florida Tech grad student Jessica James was in line 5hrs for tickets & 3hrs so far #ObamaBrevardSusanne Cervenka
RT @asayyari: People are camping out for Obama speech today at Florida Tech. almukati
I’m waiting for the President to take the stage in Melbourne, Fl. At Florida Tech! thomsen
Florida Tech student Chun Xiao Lin, 26, says it’s "a great chance" to see U.S. president. #ObamaBrevard Berman
"We are America supporters. We’re here for the president," says Colin Barbalace a student @FloridaTech. #ObamaBrevard Barchenger
Florida Tech is PACKED.Andrew Czap
It’s Nice To See That Everyone Can Join Together In Melbourne For Something Positive #ObamaBrevardChelsea Clinton
From @RoseMantle live at the Clemente Center… waiting for #ObamaBrevard. Z Walker
It’s been a long day out in sun waiting for Obama to show up at Florida TechDoshikar Gopi
President #Obama delivers remarks @FloridaTech in Melbourne. Watch live: #elections2012CNN Live
SO EXCITED!!! #ObamaBrevardJason
President rolls in at FIT #ObamaBrevard Gunnerson
An hour an a half later after many false alarms the presidential bus appears. #obamabrevard Kelly Designs
People hugging, laughing as they leave @FloridaTech. "Great speech" some shout. #ObamaBrevardStacey Barchenger
#potus speaking #obamabrevard #obama2012 #fl2012
Those in front of the president’s podium are being kind, shifting places so all can get POTUS pix. #ObamaBrevard Kennerly
Just had the coolest experience of my life. I stood on stage behind @BarackObama at today’s rally in Melbourne. #ObamaBrevard #incredibleRyan Jones
RT @falfayadh: #OBAMA at Florida tech melbourne,fl ALShebl
Samuel Harden, right, is a Vietnam vet. The president shook his hand and gave him a medal. #obamabrevard Barchenger
President Barack Obama just Spoke live at Florida Tech and I was blessed to witness it!!!! It was magical!! no lie!!! ^__^Blood Sweat N Tears
Presidential bus leaves the Clemente Center. #obamabrevard Ford
#OBAMA at Florida tech melbourne,fl Alfayadh
RT @falfayadh: #OBAMA at Florida tech melbourne,fl Figueroa
Supporters pack Florida Tech gymnasium for Obama rally – (story/photos) #BarackObama News
RT @sbarchenger: Meeting Brevardians post-speech. #obamabrevard Kunkel
Barack Obama Introduction at Florida Techctruesmith
Perhaps my favorite photo of the day. #obamabrevard Ford
At Florida Tech,Melbourne,Space Coast Florida ! I was there !Romeo Dela Paz
‘Pres Barack Obama will rally his supporters early Sunday at the Clemente Center on Florida Tech’s campus.’We had a ball @ my alma mater.Flo Logan
Crowd pouring out of the Clemente Center. #ObamaBrevard Cervenka
And then it was done… #obamabrevard Barchenger

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  1. It was such an amazing experience and I really enjoyed getting to meet so many great Florida Tech students while camping out in line!! Way to go Panthers!

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