Presidential Perspectives – October 2023

Hello, Panthers!

This month, I’d like to take a moment to spotlight the heart and soul of our educational enterprise—the hardworking and highly talented faculty who help make Florida Tech such a special place.

From the classroom, to the lab, to the field—our faculty form an impressive group of scholars who seek to engage students while finding innovative ways to advance teaching and learning. They are experts in their particular areas of study, and they work hard to share that expertise with students.

From the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space…Florida Tech faculty have it all covered.

Why is this important? For Florida Tech graduates to go on to make their own contributions in the world of work, they need a foundational educational experience that sets them up for success. Florida Tech educators deliver on that experience every day in every way.

For 65 years, a Florida Tech education has been characterized by the quality of that experience and it has made all the difference for tens of thousands of alumni. Whether it’s a theoretical understanding gained in the classroom, hands-on application discovered in the field, or mentorship gained through a visit to office hours, our students benefit from a wealth of knowledge imparted by our faculty.

Someone once said that teaching is the greatest act of optimism, and at Florida Tech, we’re grateful for our excellent faculty, and deeply optimistic about our students and their bright futures.

I’ll see you around campus—and Go Panthers!


John Nicklow, Ph.D.

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