Prioritizing Commitments: When You Should Say ‘No’

We are all guilty of piling on more than we can handle. Many of us are overachievers by nature, which is fine, but you need to know when to draw the line so that your business and personal life don’t suffer.

Take time to look at all of your commitments, whether they be work related, personal, volunteer based or family engagements. Prioritize what is important to you and what makes you truly happy, without stretching yourself too thin.

This week’s Florida Today EDGE column comes from Kristin Woodling, LMHC, owner of Pamper Your Mind, a counseling center in Indian Harbor Beach that caters to professional women. Kristin is also a graduate of the weVENTURE IGNITE® 360 Mentoring Program for small businesses. In this column, Kristin discusses the benefits of prioritizing commitments and when saying “no” is sometimes the best thing to do. Read more HERE.


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