ProQuest Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion: research help when and where you need it

Deep within the A to Z databases list, you’ll find a hidden gem: the ProQuest Research Companion. An interactive, self-guided tool, the ProQuest Research Companion will help you understand your assignments and walk you through the research process, step-by-step.

Within ProQuest Research Companion, the research and writing process is broken down into three sections: finding, evaluating, and using information. These sections are further broken down into nine modules that cover everything from developing a research statement to avoiding plagiarism in your writing.  Short, informative videos walk you through every part of the research process, including choosing a good research topic, finding trustworthy information, and organizing your thoughts into a well-structured argument.

ProQuest Research Companion also contains tools to help you develop your research topic and your search terms, as well as source evaluation, citation, and revision tools. A valuable resource to students at all academic levels, we encourage you to make use of this resource when working on papers and projects.

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