Research Guides: Your Source For Research Assistance

By Cheryl Davis

It’s past library hours and you’re working on a research paper. Where are the best sources for articles and other scholarly materials?  Is there one place where you can find information on the best books/e-books, article databases, reference materials, and government resources?  Yes, there is!

Evans Library Research Guides

Research subject and course guides are especially created by our professional librarians to provide our students with the BEST in library resources and beyond…

Here’s what you’ll find:

Subject Guides:

  • Detailed and organized information on fields such as Criminal Justice, Human Resources, Arts & Communication, and others
  • Specific resources pertaining to your subject listed under the following tabs: Reference Sources, Books & e-books, Articles & Databases, Journals, Internet Sites, Citing Sources and Theses and Dissertations
  • Links to News, RSS Feeds, blogs, and more

Course Guides:

  • Specialized resources for COM 1101, COM 1102, CHM 2012, OCN 1010, and other courses

Each Subject and Course guide contains contact information for the librarian who maintains the guide.

To access the Research Guides, go to the Library website at, and then select the Research Guides tab. You may then choose from the drop-down menu.  To see both the subject and course guides, click on “Browse all guides.”

Remember!  If you have any questions, just Ask a Librarian. We’re here to help!


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