TEDxISU: Behind the Scenes with Chris Stott

By Drew Lacy, Communication ‘14

However smooth the finished product looks, setting up a TEDx event is a somewhat hectic behind-the-scenes project.

This July, volunteers from the International Space University, many of Florida Tech’s own light and sound techs, and others from around our school and the community came together to create the experience we knew as TEDxISU (check out my first post about TEDxISU).

With tons of videos, light displays, and other presentations, putting together an event like this was no small feat for Florida Tech and ISU.

Chris Stott was one of two key sponsors for TEDxISU and also chairman of an organization called Geeks without Frontiers, a group dedicated to helping provide WiFi, renewable energy, and clean water to people of impoverished countries around the world.

I interviewed him on his way backstage and he provided us with a little insight to the making of TEDxISU, as well as how ISU helps students become space explorers:

Even if you’re not a part of ISU, there are tons of opportunities to get involved in space at Florida Tech. With regular lectures and events covering space-related topics right here on campus, there are still many ways to learn more about and get involved in space exploration, even if you missed out on TEDxISU.

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