The President’s Band

by T.D. McCay, Ph.D.

I bet not many universities have a president who leads not only the “band” but a real rock-and-roll band.  It is made up of Ph.D. faculty, including a couple of deans.  We have always known that there is typically a connection between mathematics and music, that is why we started our music program a few years ago and it is doing very well.  It helps provide an additional outlet for our students that play/sing and entertain for the rest.  The president, the drummer, named the band TWITCHY based on the initials of the original members.  Now that does sound like something an engineer would do.  But don’t be fooled, some of them are also professional musicians and the band is pretty darn good.  They even have a CD out.  They are available from the bookstore if anyone is interested—the CD that is, not the band.

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