Top 8 Things We Love About Florida Tech’s Evans Library

Did you know February is Library Lovers’ Month? We love a good learning resource and one of the best is our very own Evans Library.

While there are several awesome things about our library, we thought we’d highlight some of its greatest attributes in this blog post. So without further ado, here are the Top 8 Things We Love About Florida Tech’s Evans Library:

1. Study rooms galore!
Need to get together with a group for a project? Searching for a room to hold a club meeting? The library is the perfect place to supply the space you’re looking for. You can book a room at the library or even reserve the room online.

2. Library research help is always at your fingertips.
If you’re a student, finding the right information for your research papers can be difficult. In addition to asking a librarian at any given time for assistance, undergrads have the option to take a class about navigating the library and using online sources (COM 2012). This course can set the stage for classroom success! For graduate students, there’s a research workshop for you, too.

3. It’s THE place to be during midterms and finals week.

Florida Tech Evans Library

When finals or midterms weeks roll along, it’s go time. Time to study like you’ve never studied before. The library gets you and wants to help you achieve those A grades. During those crucial time periods, the library and the library cafe have extended hours. Some days you can party at the library until 2 a.m.

4. There’s always an awesome display in the library lobby.

Florida Tech Evans Library
Florida Tech Evans Library

From greek life to aeronautics, the library is the place to see many of Florida Tech’s really cool displays. Each semester features a new topic or a department’s research for all to view during library hours. Along with being great visually, these showcases may help you learn a thing or two.

5. The 4th floor silent zone is the best study partner. 

For all you study worms who escape your dorm room or apartment to get away from everyday distractions, the Evans Library 4th floor silent zone can be your best friend. All people who traverse the 4th floor are asked to keep quiet for your study bliss.

6. Did we mention the library cafe?

Evans Library Cafe
Evans Library Cafe

There’s no need to leave the library when you’re hankering for a snack. Delicious coffees, treats, sandwiches are available for purchase near the entrance of the library! How cool is that?

7. The fabulous librarians are top-notch.

Every worker in the library is super nice and willing to help out the students. That’s what makes a trip to Evans extra special.

8. The NEW Library Virtual Tour

Want a comprehensive guide that gives you the lowdown on everything the library offers? Check out the revamped Evans Library virtual tour! This resource is available to you 24/7 via their website.

So there you have it. What are some other things you love about Evans Library?


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