Two Florida Tech Students Recognized for Act of Kindness

Two Florida Tech students were given a special thank-you from a Melbourne local for their gratuitous act of kindness. 

When Dwight Tibbetts, a retired teacher, found himself at the side of Babcock Street after being sideswiped and spun off the road, he was in awe when Florida Tech Students Mya Agosto and Jared Paglione came rushing to his assistance. 

“I was shaking! I didn’t have an accident in 42 years; I did not know what was going on,” Tibbetts said. 

Agosto and Paglione, after seeing the accident happen, immediately sought a safe place to stop and assist. 

“They crossed four lanes to get to me, where they then calmed me and immediately called the police,” Tibbetts said. 

The immediacy of the call enabled Melbourne Police to track down the vehicle that caused the accident. 

“Because they called so soon, the police were able to find the vehicle that caused the accident and pinned them at a gas station a mile down Babcock,” Tibbetts said. “They didn’t just come to my aid; they did way more than that.”

Agosto and Paglione were glad that Tibbetts was not physically hurt. They happened to be in the right place at the right time, they said. 

“We were just making our way back to campus when we saw the accident happen. Jared [Paglione] immediately pulled over and rushed to see if we could help,” Agosto said. 

On Feb. 7, Tibbetts and Florida Tech dean of students David McMahan presented Agosto and Paglione with small gifts in recognition of their act of kindness. 

“In a time when there are concerns for the insular nature of many when it comes to the needs of others, it is heartwarming and encouraging to see Mya Agosto and Jared Paglione set the standard for caring and compassion for a fellow community member,” McMahan said. “We will all need the support of others at some time in the future, and these students have made a wonderful investment in a culture from which we may all benefit. Florida Tech is proud to have Mya and Jared as members of the Panther family, and this demonstrates that our students are not only accomplished scholars, but also wonderful human beings.”

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