A Visit from Melanie Keuper and Amber Patton

From left to right: Kathy Turner, Sohair Wastawy, Amber Patton, Melanie Keuper, Erin Mahaney, John Morris, and Gary Wells. Credit: Kathy Turner, 2015

special guest post by Kathy Turner

The Evans Library was honored by a visit from Founding President Dr. Jerome Keuper’s daughter and granddaughter on January 6.  Dean of Libraries Dr. Sohair Wastawy, Associate Dean of Libraries Kathy Turner, and University Archivist Erin Mahaney led a tour of the University Archives Exhibition Room for Melanie Keuper, the late Dr. Keuper’s daughter, Amber Patton, his granddaughter, and two Professors Emeriti, Dr. Gary Wells and Dr. John Morris.  The current exhibit, Vision Extraordinaire: History of Florida Institute of Technology, features important moments and artifacts from the university’s history and its Historical Timeline.

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