Women Who Want It All

By Karen Gregory

As a leader in our community and CEO of HRSS Consulting Group, caring about and encouraging others to be great is at the core of what I, and my team, strive to do. We believe in people, and more importantly, the power of people. And because I am a strong and confident women who loves to take on the world, I love supporting and motivating other women to rise up and dare to be great also!

Throughout the year, we host several FOCUS events to hone in on specific topics that are real-time and relevant to our community, leadership development and growth. Most recently we hosted “FOCUS: Women Who Want It All” where we equipped professional women with clarity on how to maximize their leadership and business impact; the confidence to make better decisions and lead with purpose; and broaden their capabilities to take on more. A local icon in her own right, Carol Craig of Craig Technologies was a guest speaker, launching the keynote with some powerful and moving introspective learning.

What did we discover? It seems that women still believe they can do everything. They feel that they can work the boardroom, bring home a big paycheck, be a loving partner, be the perfect mom, and raise wonderful, compassionate, intelligent kids who go on to change the world. The problem is that we’re wearing ourselves out trying to do it all, while simultaneously second-guessing ourselves.

Ladies…STOP IT! We are strong! We are awesome! We are powerful! And that is the message, as well as the take-away from that half-day professional women’s leadership retreat, that I want to continue to instill in each of you. You are wonderfully made. Be proud of that!

If you are a woman who wants it all, continuously remind yourself that you can accomplish all you set out to accomplish by first understanding these three things:

1) You must be clear about what it is you want and most importantly, why you want it. Dig deep to discover your why and it will lead to greater clarity and focus. Having a great understanding of why you must have, accomplish or do something helps us determine what it is we REALLY want…or don’t want.

2) You must love yourself and expect nothing less for yourself. Be confident and stop accepting less than what you deserve. If you know what and why you want something, then go for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way or anyone tell you any differently. Have confidence in your ability and make it happen.

3) You must juggle many things in order to increase your capability. Most women learned to do this before the age of five. We are practiced and master jugglers. The juggling act is normal for women who want it all. The key is to make it look effortless and know that if on occasion you drop one of the balls, you have to make sure it’s the ball that bounces.

Ladies, you are gifted. You are beautiful. You are an inspiration to so many others. Embrace your strengths and know that you CAN have it all. I dare you. I DARE YOU TO BE GREAT!

Karen J. Gregory is a recent graduate of weVENTURE’s IGNITE 360® Transition Business Mentoring Program, a member of the League of Extraordinary Women and president & CEO of HRSS Consulting Group. HRSS provides people driven business results through increasing organizational effectiveness, improving performance and supporting sustainable, profitable growth. www.hrssconsultinggroup.com  

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